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Professional translation of documents

More than 50 languages

Translation agency "LCM Company" based in Zaporozhye – is a team of professional translators who primarily specialize in translating the documents which are necessary for the successful immigration process to Canada, the United States, Australia and European countries. We also provide professional translations in other areas:

  • standard documents: passports, diplomas, certificates, references etc.
  • texts of a common theme,
  • legal documents,
  • technical documentation,
  • financial, accounting, audit themes,
  • literary texts,
  • computer subjects.

The range of services of our translation agency also includes filling in the necessary forms for receiving immigration and other types of visas, preparing packages of documents for receiving residence permits, citizenship, legalization of documents in consular offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, apostilization of documents.

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Special offer for residents of Akimovka, Berdyansk, Bilmak, Vasilevka, Velikaya Belozerka, Veseloe, Volnyansk, Gulyaypole Zaporozhye, Kamensk-Dneprovsky, Melitopol, Mikhailovka, Novonikolaevka, Orekhov, Pology, Priazovsk, Primorsk, Rozovska, Tokmak and Chernigov districts of Zaporozhye region.

There is no longer any need to go to Zaporozhye to order a high-quality translation of documents at a reasonable price, apostille, legalization of documents in the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular offices

International company «LCM Company» offers these services at favorable prices in your region, even taking into account the courier delivery! You order a service without leaving your home through our website, and you receive the executed order in the nearest branch of the "Nova Poshta" just on time.

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    We cooperate with European translation agencies in different countries and understand the nuances of translation;

    Flexible discount system for regular customers;

    We do not state that our prices are the lowest, but we are responsible for the quality of our translations;

    A personal manager , who is in touch with you 24/7, is attached to every client;

    The maximum convenience in work: we perform orders via the Internet, we use services of the courier;

    We execute urgent translations as soon as possible;

    We guarantee a refund, in case of justified complaints.

    Translation agency in Zaporozhye

    How our translation agency works with customers

    You leave the application, and our manager contacts you in any convenient way;

    You send the text for translation by e-mail;

    We agree on the cost of work and terms together;

    You make a prepayment for the translation;

    We execute the order and transfer it to you in any convenient way.



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    Translating agency «LCM Company» provides a full range of services related to the translation of documents for residents of Zaporozhye, Zaporozhye region and other regions of Ukraine.


    Notarized Translations – is a translation of a text or a document from one language into another, performed by a certified translator whose authenticity is certified by a notary.


    Certified Document Translation – is a translation that is certified by the agency which had performed the translation. Such translation is stamped with the company seal, the signature of the head and the translator himself, indicating the serial number of his diploma of linguistic education, the outgoing document number and the date, if necessary, certifying inscriptions are duplicated in a foreign language.


    Legalization – is a list of some formal procedures to confirm that a document from the official bodies of a state conforms to the legislation of that state.

    The ultimate goal of the procedure of legalization of the document issued in the territory of one state is the possibility of its submission to the authorities of another state. Simply put, legalization is needed to ensure that your document is valid on the territory of another country.

    The essence of legalization is to confirm the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the official body who issued the document. One of the types of legalization of documents is apostilization.

    If you are going abroad to get education or a job, then most likely you will need to legalize documents.

      Legalization extends to the following documents which concern:
    • education,
    • civil status (documents from registry office),
    • documents of legal entities and individuals,
    • court decisions of various instances,
    • notarial powers of attorney, etc.
      There are 2 main types of legalization of documents:
    • consular legalization,
    • "Apostille" stamp.

    The choice of the type of legalization in each case depends on the requirements of the official bodies of the country where the document will be used.

    Consular legalization of the document – is a more complicated procedure for using of the document in the territory of a state that is not a part of the Hague Convention of 05.10.1961.

      Consular legalization is carried out in 3 stages:
    • certification of the document in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (in some cases in the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education),
    • certification of the document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine,
    • certification of the document in the consulate of the country of destination.

    After passing through these stages of legalization, the document can be submitted to the official authorities of the destination country, and it will have legal force only in the country whose consulate it is marked with.

    Apostille – is an International standardized form with filled information on the legality of the document for presentation it on the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization. Stamp "Apostille" is placed on the originals documents and copies of them. Apostille does not require any other certification or legalization of the document and is recognized by the official authorities of all States Parties to the Convention (Hague Convention of 1961). Apostille may not be used if there are legal grounds that cancel or simplify the legalization of the document.

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