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One of the branches of LCM Company is providing assistance in diploma evaluation and confirmation of educational documents for Canada and the USA.

At present, in Ukraine, due to increase immigration tendency, the service of confirmation of educational documents, so called evaluation, is highly-demanded for further study or work in Canada and the USA. This procedure is carried out in the organization of WES (World Education Services). World Education Services is a non-profit organization founded in 1974, headquartered in New York, which provides evaluations of credentials for foreign students and immigrants who plan their study or work in the USA and Canada.

Why is the procedure of evaluation necessary?

The confirmation of the educational documents is stipulated by the differences in educational programs and qualification requirements in different countries, and it is necessary to evaluate whether the level of education which was gained out of Canada and the USA corresponds to the requirements of these countries. Therefore, in some cases, the process of evaluation for the USA and Canada can differ in some nuances. World Education Services has provided services of confirmation of educational documents for Canada and the USA for more than 40 years and the majority of universities and governmental establishments in Canada and the USA admit the results of the evaluation which are issued by WES.

How can I order confirmation of educational documents for Canada and the USA in LCM Company?

As well as bureaucratic procedures, the confirmation of educational documents for Canada and the USA in WES has a number of peculiarities and difficulties, thereby LCM Company recommends you to use our services when you evaluate your diplomas. First of all, clients need to know that different organizations which provide services of confirmation of educational documents can issue different conclusions of the level of qualification. In order not to receive a conclusion with an undervalued qualification level after complicated and expensive procedure, it is necessary to select carefully evaluative organization. But the best way is to entrust this choice to professionals. Moreover, not all results of evaluation are admitted by all educational and governmental institutions on Canadian and American territories.

To order the procedure of confirmation of the educational documents in LCM Company, you need to contact our managers by phone +380947123393 or write to us on e-mail –, and also provide (send) us the originals of educational documents, we will do everything else for you. As a result, you will receive your confirmed educational documents on the designated address.


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