Work as a truck driver in Canada for Ukrainians

Working as a truck driver in Canada is financially profitable, and at the same time very difficult. Ukrainian drivers will not have questions concerning the difficulty of this type of job - a road is a road for them. But nevertheless, in comparison with conditions, which Ukrainian truckers have to deal, the Canadian variant of a long-distance driving is considerably more comfortable and profitable. The salary of about five thousand dollars per month, social guarantees, technical condition of a truck and the quality of roads, all these are really better than in Ukraine.

Requirements for truck drivers from Ukraine

Naturally, a driver who wants to work as a trucker in Canada must meet a number of requirements. Most importantly, it is English proficiency, as well as having all the necessary categories and working experience in this sphere. Without knowing the language, it is very difficult, or almost impossible to work in another country as a truck driver, since various situations may happen on the road, for example, it may be necessary to communicate with other drivers or local residents.

It is worth noting that Canadian employers willingly employ truck drivers from the post-Soviet countries because our people, unlike local drivers, will not lose their (and employer's) time (and money) in a case of a minor breakdown, but will resolve the problem themselves. The same thing concerns the cleaning of the truck because it is easier for our people to do cleaning themselves but for Canadians, it is a reason to use a car wash service.

Are you a truck driver? Do you know English at the level of at least higher than "London is the capital ..."? Do you have any work experience or even better work experience abroad? Great! You have a chance not only to make good money but also to immigrate safely and legally to Canada with your family. Do you doubt if you can do that? Follow our assessment of chances link. Maybe the program for truckers is your lucky chance to change your life for the better.

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