Work in Canada for Ukrainians

Work in Canada is a real chance to change your life for the better, become a full member of a highly developed, democratic state that takes care of the rights and needs of all its citizens, regardless of their origin, religion or social status.
Canada is a dynamically developing state with huge territorial and natural resources. For rapid development of the economy, it constantly requires the flow of labor from abroad, including from Ukraine. The list of professions in demand in the labor market in Canada is quite wide and includes both the demand in highly qualified specialists and low-skilled workers.

What are the differences between work in Canada and in Ukraine

Work in Canada differs with the high level of average salaries of almost all the categories of workers. This fact attracts specialists from all over the world. Nevertheless, the possibility of immigration to Canada from Ukraine on professional programs exists. It is a legal and quite regulated way which will not lead to any problems with the law or Canadian government bodies.

The experts of our agency will help you to figure out all the peculiarities and help to make your dream to work in Canada come true.

It's necessary to point out that working conditions in Canada and in Ukraine differ greatly. Working immigration to Canada is not just a change of residence; first of all, it is a great change of the lifestyle. As in all developed countries, working conditions and the scope of professional duties in Canada are strictly regulated. Licensing in Canada is necessary almost for all qualified professions. Therefore, work experience and qualification in Ukraine is only one of the determining factors when passing tests on the Express Entry system. In any case, you will have to confirm the qualification and obtain a Canadian license to engage in any professional activity in Canada.

Canada has developed and is implementing state programs of education lending and professional licensing in order to simplify the life of immigrant workers. These programs allow feeling the state's support and financial stability, during the period of social adaptation in Canada. The conditions for issuing such loans vary depending on the province, although they are a part of the nationwide programs.

In addition, applicants for working in Canada, have to understand clearly that the work intensity and productivity in Canada are incommensurably higher than in Ukraine and, although the labor market of Canada is constantly expanding, competition for jobs is quite high. In other words, working as in Ukraine and getting a Canadian salary is not going to succeed. When thinking about working immigration to Canada, you need to prepare yourself to much more intensive work activity but which allows you to expand your life opportunities and perspectives significantly. A Very important factor which greatly influences the possibilities of getting a qualified job in Canada is the knowledge of the English or French languages. Without language proficiency it is almost impossible to get a qualified job. Most of the Canadian employers value the factor of language knowing by immigrants even higher than their professional skills and qualities.

When speaking about working in Canada, it is necessary to note the highest level of social security of workers. Canadian legislation requires employers to provide compulsory social insurance for all workers. This kind of insurance prevents almost all the problems of the financial component of health problems. Formal employment practically guarantees a decent life and a comfortable retirement.

As for the special features, it should be noted that employment legislation varies slightly depending on the laws of different provinces of Canada. There are provinces which accept professional licenses issued only by their authorized bodies. Depending on the province, the amounts of insurance payments also vary, but basically, these are minor details that do not have a significant effect to the general picture.