Atlantic Immigration Pilot program of Canada

The pilot program is the experimental program, which is launched with the purpose of identification of potential difficulties and significant factors, which can influence the result.
As of 2018, the only full pilot immigration program - Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project - is realized on the territory of Canada. Four Atlantic provinces of Canada take part in this program implementation: New Scotland, New Brunswick, the island of Prince Eduardo, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The federal government and the authorities of Atlantic provinces admit that Canada needs development by means of a significant number of immigrants attraction. This program will contribute to the population growth, help to develop the market of qualified labor forces and increase the level of occupation in the region.

This pilot program is targeted at a wide range of potential immigrants who are interested in work and residence in the four of above mentioned provinces. The main peculiarity of this program are low requirements to applicants.

The main requirements to applicants according to the pilot program

Work experience. The minimal requirement to applicants is 1 year of work experience in the specialty or 1560 working hours within the last three years. Only officially paid work is taken into account.

Education. In order to get a qualified profession the applicants need to have Canadian education or foreign education, which is confirmed on the Canadian territory. Graduates of higher educational establishments within Immigration Pilot Project must have a diploma of educational establishment of one of four provinces. Students follow the same requirements and it should be noted that they need to take a two year course.

Knowledge of language. The applicant may have quite low level of language proficiency. CLB 4 level of language proficiency is enough.

It is also fixed at the minimal level. It is 3000 Canadian dollars for one applicant, 3800 Canadian dollars for the family of two people, 4700 Canadian dollars for the family of 3 people.

The age restrictions aren't mentioned officially. But still employers give preference to applicants under 55.

The important peculiarity of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project is the absence of obligatory registration in Express Entry common federal system. Applicants who have low language, age and qualification score can be still nominated.

In its current form Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project is designed for the period up to 2019 and in accordance with it in 2018 local authorities are about to receive on the territories of Atlantic provinces of Canada 2000 immigrants from all around the world.