Howe does the Express Entry Canada system work

Express Entry Canada Description
The main task, which the creators of the Express Entry program have set, is a quick and effective selection of the qualified experts among the candidates who plan to move to Canada for Permanent Residence.

The candidates' selection occurs based on their work experience, a possible contribution to Canada's economy development, adaptability, possibility to adapt quickly and a number of other factors.

Express Entry (EE) manages the applications for the Permanent Residence from candidates in accordance with the federal programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
Provinces and territories of Canada also have the right to choose candidates from the Express Entry system, according to requirements of their immigration programs – Provincial Nominee Program.

It is possible to separate the Express Entry system work conditionally to two steps:

1.Registration in the Express Entry system. It is necessary to create an online profile, where the applicant indicates the following information:

  • Applicant's skills;
  • Applicant's work experience;
  • Applicant's education;
  • Other information, which will help to make the full assessment of the candidate's information.
Only applicants who correspond all the requirements and criteria to one of the federal immigration programs will be accepted to the general database of the Express Entry system.

Pay attention, if you are willing to live and work in Quebec City, you cannot apply for the immigration to Canada via FSWP, you have to apply to immigration to Canada via Quebec program QSWP.

2.Applicant's invitation for applying for the Permanent Residence.

The EE system ranks the candidates according to the "complex system of ranking". The points are given based on the information, which is stated in the applicant's profile. The candidates with the highest points receive the invitation to apply for the Permanent Residence.

The points are given for:

  • Job offers;
  • Provincial Nominee or Territory Nominee;
  • Skills and experience factors.
Additional (bonus) points are given for:

  • Education in Canada;
  • A valid job offer;
  • Provincial Nominee or Territory Nominee.
Additional points give the opportunity to gain a high total amount of points, which automatically raises candidate's profile to the very top in the EE base and correspondingly gives the opportunity to get an invitation to apply for the Permanent Residence among the first candidates. The Canadian ministry of citizenship and immigration considers and takes a decision in general during 6 months.

Attention. From the moment a candidate receives an invitation to apply for a Permanent Residence, he/she has 90 days (previously there were only 60 days) to provide an application with all needed documents and forms. It is impossible to extend this period.

A candidate's profile on the EE system database is valid for 12 months. In case, if a candidate in a 12-months period hasn't received an invitation to apply for the Permanent Residence, he/she has a right to register another profile in the database. Such a rule allows preventing delays in reviews and maintains a quick turnaround in the applications reviews.