Immigration to the Atlantic provinces of Canada

The Atlantic provinces of Canada. What do they consist of?
The main tendency of Canada immigration programs in 2018 is emphasis on development of the emphasis on potential development of low populated territories. If to you compare plans of taking in immigrants in central and southern provinces (the place of concentration of the main industrial and human resources of Canada) with the plans of northwestern provinces, it becomes clear that the chances of the potential immigrants to settle in the Atlantic provinces of Canada are higher than in other regions.

The Atlantic provinces of Canada. What do they consist of?

Four provinces which are situated on the Atlantic coast and the Labrador strait, belong to Atlantic provinces of Canada.

On the south they border on leading Canadian provinces – Ontario and Quebec but in terms of economic development, they were for a long time substantially inferior to them.

Atlantic provinces of Canada immigration programs.

Therefore, authorities of four Atlantic provinces developed, approved and on the 4th July 4, 2016 presented to the community the general plan of Atlantic Canada development the main priority of which is the loyal immigration politics.

The developed and launched Pilot immigration program under the name Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project is characterized by lowered requirements to applicants for immigration and is designed for settling of immigrants in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. This program started in 2017 and is supposed to last three years. It is aimed at admission of two thousand immigrants to the territory of Atlantic provinces of Canada during the 2018.

The main requirement of this immigration program is the availability of a job offer from the employer from Atlantic provinces of Canada. In other words, this program doesn't stimulate the development of any prioritized branch of economy. It is aimed at filling in the current vacancies by specialists among immigrants who are ready to continue their lives in Atlantic provinces of Canada.

The obligatory requirement for participation in this program is passing the IELTS test and prepared diploma evaluation of specialized secondary education or higher education.

The immigration to Atlantic provinces of Canada is a real chance to change your life for the better in one of the most developed and comfortable countries of the world.