Immigration to Canada

Perspectives of the Immigration to Canada from Ukraine, the Russian Federation and other countries of former CIS in 2017-2019
Today it is possible to say that 2017-2019 period will not bring any specific "unexpected surprises" in the good sense of these words, for people who has planned the immigration to Canada from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries of the former CIS in the nearest future.

Preconditions to that:

On January 10, 2017, the Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau has changed the members of his Cabinet. Ahmed Hussen became the head of the Immigration Department, who is a public figure, a lawyer, a representative of a Somalian community in Toronto (for reference, when Ahmed Hussen was an adolescent, Ahmed's family arrived in Canada from Somali as refugees. Ahmed knows firsthand about all the refugees' problems). Apparently, with such an appointment Trudeau expects to set to rights and to increase the effectiveness of the work with refugees (integration to the Canadian society of those who had already come and reception of new refugees in future). In such a way, all the attention of a new head of the Immigration Department will be directed exclusively to the refugees' needs. It is possible in the nearest future not to expect new changes in immigration programs for qualified experts.
All the above confirms also the fact that during the time of the Trudeau's government (the liberals), there had been done absolutely nothing to change the system, which was created by the former team of Jasson Kenney government.
On the one hand, it is a negative point. However, on the other hand, this is a great news for those who is planning to immigrate to Canada and is planning to begin this process in the nearest future because it is possible not to expect major changes in the immigration program for qualified experts. At the same time, do not forget that in October 2019, there will be the federal elections held, and for now, it is hard to tell who will be the winner. There are preconditions that the winners will be the Conservative party. This will lead to a shortage of immigration quotas, and the immigration to Canada will become again a very difficult procedure. Just recall what kind of stagnation the immigration experienced, when the Conservative party governed before Trudeau. All the immigration was in a deadlock, and these were the hardest times for those who planned the immigration to Canada.

Conclusion: do not shelve your dreams. Right now is the high time to immigrate to Canada. Do not delay your decision; make your first step today already. Do not miss your chance. Tomorrow can be too late…

The Immigration procedure today:

It is not a secret, that the process of immigration to Canada becomes more and more complicated year after year. However, do not refuse your desires and do not give up. There is always a way out! We can tell you, how to do it.
When taken the Express Entry as a basis, it becomes obvious that passing the EE (Express Entry) filter is very hard. The applicants who consider the immigration via Federal Skilled Worker Program have to understand, that the passing score is very high. To pass successfully this program it is necessary to have a good education, high level of the English language, and ideally the French language as well, and to be young. For example, if an applicant is older than 39 years old, then he or she significantly many balls because of the age, and those who are older than 45 years old, gain 0 in the age field that causes the immigration nullifying. Nevertheless, do not be upset, there is always a way out.
It is worth to consider the provincial programs. The provincial support gives additionally 600 balls that automatically pushes the applicant's file from the pool to the first positions and guarantees the 100% hitting the Express Entry selection.
You need a strict strategy while the immigration process, in order to correspond all the demands, which make the immigration authorities to the future immigrants. It is necessary to prepare for the immigration to Canada very thoroughly and to approach the immigration process very seriously. For example, there are some provinces, which set the immigration quota in 350-500 applications per year and these quotas select very quickly. The shining example is the immigration program of the Saskatchewan province International Skilled Worker – Occupation In-Demand had been opened on the 4th of January 2017, and within a couple of hours all the quota has been exhausted, the acceptance of applications was closed up.

As a separate point, I would like to emphasize the Caregivers program. It is a program for caring the children, elderly people or people with disabilities. This program has a large quota of 18.000 applications.

For those who considers entering to Canada through business with the help of federal programs. The best advice is to consider the provincial business programs, as the federal program StartUp Visa sets the quota for only 500 applications. For all comers, to put it mildly, it's a drop in the ocean.
Only a province both in the first and in the second cases can help you.

Based on the foregoing, it is possible to say confidently that if you have planned immigration to Canada from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former CIS, boldly proceed to the planned. Improvements or simplifying of the immigration programs are not worth waiting, they will not occur – that's 1000%. This period from 2017 until October 2019, is possible to be called the "golden time" to begin your immigration process. Don't miss your chance, do not delay what can be done right now.