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L-1 visa - FOR ENTREPRENEURS (businesses and individuals)

 The most attractive visa for representatives of small and medium business.

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General information:

L-1 visa allows you to transport a foreign worker in the United States, where he continues to work in the office of the same employer, in the parent company, in the branch of the company, in subsidiary or affiliated company.

L1 visa is also granted to business owners who have a company in their country of residence for at least one year, and want to open a branch of the company or its subsidiaries in the United States. You can own a certain type of business in a foreign country and open a company in the US, which will deal with other kind of activity or products.

Originally L-1 visa is available for 1 year for a new company in the United States, and in the future it may be extended for 2 years, but the most important thing is that after a few months, you can obtain a residence permit in the United States and have easy Entry into and exit for all life.

L-1 visa allows you to obtain the L-2 visa for spouse and minor, unmarried children under the age of 21 years. Holders of L-2 visa are allowed to work legally in the United States!


Despite the fact that the L1 visa was originally designed for large multinational companies with a purpose to transfer the frame in the US, today it is issued to small or start-up companies abroad, having the capacity and the opportunity to expand their business and services in the United States.

L-1 visa is not limited to specific countries with which the United States may have certain commercial or other agreements. Therefore, provided that all eligibility requirements are met, applicants from any country are eligible to apply for this visa.

Dual intention

Generally, nonimmigrant visa applicants are "presumed to be an immigrant" and must provide satisfactory proof that they do not intend to immigrate to the U.S. before receiving the visa. 

However, the L visa known as Dual Intent visa. 

In other words, the applicants are not required to maintain a foreign residence and allowed to seek alawfulpermanent resident status (green card status).  

Many L visa holders eventually apply for a green card to permanently work and live in the US. This may involve filing permanent labor certification if needed, an I-140 petition etc.

Any of those actions will not be the basis for denying an L-1 admission to the U.S.


in the arts, sports, business, education or science

Originally issued for 3 years with a further right for renewal. After a year, you can apply for a residence permit in America.

Who can apply for a visa O-1? It is actually most ordinary men - photographers, artists, filmmakers, and other artistic people, athletes, businessmen and so on.
Consider options for specific examples, who can apply for a visa O-1:

Photographers (artists, directors, etc.).

The company in Russia, Ukraine (not important) hires a photographer (writing a letter) that he has to make photos of views of New York City. The photographer has the publication of his work, there was an article about him in a journal or he has his own website, perhaps his letters, or he participated in exhibitions or competitions (not important). The important fact is that there were articles about him in magazines or in the Internet, ie, he is known and his talent is popular. Photographer gets the O-1 visa, his family accompanies him. Further, the most interesting moment ... The photographer has an assistant, without whom he can not do his job – and he proves it)). The assistant also receives a visa and travels with photographer in the United States. Family of the assistant has the right to obtain a visa and to accompany him.

A year later, it is possible to apply for a residence permit in America.

Hairdresser (hair stylist, makeup artist, etc.).

Master, who took part in the competitions, held some places, took part in the championship on hairdresser (insert your direction) art, has letters, the opportunity to develop his own line of cosmetics, etc. These factors show that a person has talent. This master has an assistant, without which he can not create his masterpieces - you understand the continuation of the thought. Now, Master, his assistant (without which he can not exist and create his masterpieces) get a visa O-1. Their families get visas with them. A year later – possibility to apply for a residence permit in America!

Scientists, inventors, etc. All those who are involved in science (scientific articles, publications, inventions, Ph.D., patents), etc. Perhaps someone has written a book and it came out thousand copies.


Athletes who have participated in national (international) championships, competitions, etc. If there is a reward, the athletes have a publication in newspapers, magazines, media, etc., they can obtain a visa O-1, their family receives a visa and accompanies the main applicant to the United States. A year later - possibility to apply for a residence permit in America!


Believers of any (!!!) confessions of religious teachings may obtain a religious visa for 5 years with the right of petition for Green Card (permit) in America. These are the following denominations:

Christianity (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism), Baptists, Pentecostals, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses etc.

Islam (suniizm, Shiism, Salafism),

Iudizm (ortodoksadny iuadizm, Hasidism, Reform Judaism),

Buddhism (Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana).

Example, who can get this visa:

A believer who takes an active part in the life of the religious community, for example - he sings in the church choir, or assistant in a church, mosque, synagogue, Buddhist or Krishna temple, religious teachers and instructors, religious counselors, Sunday School teachers, health workers of charitable religious organizations, missionaries, translators, journalists, including the ministers of the church choir, liturgy, religious schools, and even librarians and other officers that help in the religious service.

Religious leader with appropriate religious education.

Monks, Pastors, Priests, Teachers.


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